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Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 5

Категория: Подростки | Просмотров: 503 | Автор: cripa | Дата: 27 июня 2011
Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 5
Yesterday night was awesome! I think I tried bdsm for the first time in my life... It"s ok though, cause that person was my boyfriend and he likes being tied up Sometimes he bounds me, too. Role games, heard of those? Kinky, kinky, kinky I knew he"d pay me back in the morning. Our sex life is a never-ending chain of revenge actions So today that bastard did the most irritating thing.. He waited until I got all dressed up and ready to go.. and started seducing me, and undressing me, and making me such a big mess! He knows I both hate and can"t help it Sarah didn"t waste her time either. At times I envy her, but in a good, not evil kind of way You just can"t react other way but be a little jealous, cause she"s blonde, sexy, dates such a hot muscular mulatto guy, and they give each other a green light each time they wanna fuck someone else!
Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 5
These guys live life to the full. Today they tried outdoor fucking, Sarah told me everything in details. She, Daisy and Max found one cool orange garden and filmed a great hardcore scene there! This video is a must-see, I swear!And guess what happened next? Sarah lent her boyfriend to Vika. Just like that, you think of it! Lending your man to another girl! For the whole damn night. This is sick! One must be so self-confident to do such a thing. Daisy and Vika spent few freaking hours fucking! Which is already a deed. I"ve just watched their private video. Hot, hot, hot! Made me so fucking horny I think I"m gonna explode now! Watch this movie now, you won"t regret it!
Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 5
Информация о видео Год выхода : 2010 Выпущено: PornTraveling Размер: 411.78 Mb, 2.11 Gb, 363.17 Mb, 369.6 Mb Расширение: 1024x576 Продолжительность: разная
Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 5 Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 5 Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 5 Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 5
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