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The Incredible Summer Row

Категория: Подростки | Просмотров: 879 | Автор: cripa | Дата: 27 июня 2011
The Incredible Summer Row
If not on a hot and sunny summer day when a couple of boats can be rented and a row planned then when else could we – a company of light-hearted coeds – forget about the life hardships (as if we have any, ha-ha) and plunge into the real river adventures? This was a great time for a picnic in the country-side and we decided to spend it with profit to our health as well as to our mood and, of course, sexual desire!
The Incredible Summer Row
It took us rather long time to find a nice and at the same time desolate place for our company but we really enjoyed the row! The weather was wonderful, the water was warm and the girls in bikinis sitting in our boats were just perfectly shaped and hot looking! It’s no wonder that once we got to the place we all felt hunger – for both food and … sex! Once everybody got satiated and we got sick and tired of silly but funny games with the balls we started thinking about something kinkier than that!
The Incredible Summer Row
The girls were a little bit drunken by that time, so, it wasn’t difficult at all to talk them into taking the tiny bikinis off and getting suntanned naked. Ohhhh! That was a great view, the view that made our dicks get harder in the pants. He-he! Only several minutes later our chippies were lying on the boats screaming from the intense passion under the attack of our hard throbbing dicks that slid inside again and again having no fear that somebody could voyeur this crazy fuck!
The Incredible Summer Row
Информация о видео Год выхода : 2010 Выпущено: Student Sex Parties Размер: 1.06 Gb, 1.18 Gb, 1.09 Gb, 946.33 Mb, 1.66 Gb, 569.08 Mb Расширение: 1024x576 Продолжительность: разная
The Incredible Summer Row The Incredible Summer Row The Incredible Summer Row The Incredible Summer Row The Incredible Summer Row The Incredible Summer Row
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