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Sunny Thailand sex trip, Day 5

Категория: Подростки | Просмотров: 994 | Автор: cripa | Дата: 5 июля 2011
Sunny Thailand sex trip, Day 5
If you ask different people about vacation of their dream, you will get so many different answers. Some enjoy sightseeing, some prefer wild beach parties and sleepless nights in local bars, some like to just rest watching movies and other boring stuff. To me a week in Thailand is a chance to forget about work, troubles, everything. It"s just me and my girlfriend, and we"ll spend this week fucking like rabbits! Either for this site or with cameras switched off, all we gonna do is fuck! So we apologize for not giving you a tour about Thailand, but you can see us fucking in marvelous exotic places, don"t you think it"s even better? I know you don"t give a fuck about historic spots. But you"ll definitely enjoy watching my girlfriend spread her legs for me
Sunny Thailand sex trip, Day 5
I knew it would be troublesome to do sex videos with my actual girlfriend.. Cause even if you know she"s flirting with someone for the video, you still can"t help getting jealous.. So when I saw Rita sucking my friend"s cock this morning, I got pissed for real. She thought I faked it, cause it was her idea to act out this situation.. But I seriously got pissed. I don"t know if tears were true when I slammed my cock into her mouth few minutes later, but for me it wasn"t a joke at all. I couldn"t stop swearing, calling her bitch and whore and everything.. And there was a moment when I realized she enjoyed rough sex. Every time I"m mad at her she pretends insulted and can start crying, but then I suddenly see how she really loves me taking her roughly! Maybe there was a reason why this idea about cheating came into her mind.
Sunny Thailand sex trip, Day 5
Информация о видео Год выхода : 2010 Выпущено: PornTraveling Размер: 1.1 Gb, 249.1 Mb Расширение: 1024x576 Продолжительность: разная
Sunny Thailand sex trip, Day 5 Sunny Thailand sex trip, Day 5
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