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Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 6

Категория: Подростки | Просмотров: 946 | Автор: cripa | Дата: 29 июня 2011
Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 6
Hi, it"s Katya again! I"m gonna let you know what happened on the sixth day of our awesome vacation in Turkey! We have spent almost a week here, so we got all loosened up, you know. We"ve seen each other naked, high, fucking, going crazy. I can"t think of anything that would surprise me after such a wild sex week. The idea of group sex came to my mind all of a sudden. I discussed it with my boyfriend, and he found it brilliant! Well, of course he did I thought as much.I can"t believe myself when I realize that few weeks earlier the mere thought of sharing a man with someone would scare the shit out of me! And look at me now, suggesting a group fuck Everybody loved the idea except Max, who was pissed at Vika for some reason.
Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 6
Maybe because she preferred a hot well-hung mulatto guy to him, who knows! I would be pissed, too Anyway, five participants was more then enough for a good group sex video. We had so much fun fucking like crazy and watching each other! Just take a look.So, like I said, this vacation changed my life in a way. I"m even considering open relationships right now. I mean, what"s so wrong about loving someone and doing other guys just for fun? I thought I should give it a try. So I asked our mulatto friend Daisy out. We went to the bar, had few drinks and got horny... Never tried a black cock before! That thought made me shiver and wet my panty, I could hardly wait. Then we got upstairs and... Well, that legend about well-hung black guys is not a legend at all!
Crazy vacation in Turkey, Day 6
Информация о видео Год выхода : 2010 Выпущено: PornTraveling Размер: 729.45 Mb, 621.87 Mb, 1.17 Gb, 712.13 Mb Расширение: 1024x576 Продолжительность: разная
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